About Catherine

Catherine Emmett reading picture books when she was a lot littler...

Once upon a time, when Catherine Emmett was a lot littler than she is today, she grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne and spent a LOT of time reading books.

Books about lots of different things, but mostly books about horses.

Catherine Emmett working on big boring spreadsheets and not on big beautiful picture books

When Catherine grew up, she moved to the Big Smoke where she worked in a big, boring office, making big, boring spreadsheets.

One day, Catherine was asked to give a career talk to some school children.  She didn’t want to tell them to make big, boring spreadsheets, so she told them to find something they really, really loved doing instead.

But the more she thought about what she’d told those school children, the more she began to think about what it was that she really, really loved doing.

Catherine Emmett leaving the big boring spreadsheets behind for the big beautiful picture books

And one day, she packed up her house, her husband and her three small boys and she left the Big Smoke, leaving the big, boring office and the big, boring spreadsheets behind.

Catherine moved to a house surrounded by big, beautiful fields under a big, beautiful sky.  She filled the house with books and she filled the fields with horses.

Catherine Emmett writing big beautiful picture books.  She is a Picture Book author.

And now she had worked out what it was that she really, really loved doing, she didn’t make big boring spreadsheets anymore, now she made big, beautiful (award winning!) picture books instead.

You can learn more about Catherine’s books here!